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Career story

I changed jobs from a Japanese company (Hitachi, Ltd.) to a foreign company (Microsoft Japan).
I write about my career, including the story of that time and what I'm thinking about after that. Career

Long-term career and career change support(Japanese only)
I also provide career counseling for IT engineers based on my own career.
Even if you have a liberal arts degree or a high school graduate, you can change your career to foreign IT in this industry. We support such people.
We accept free of charge for a "quick talk", so please feel free to contact us if necessary.(Japanese only) Contact us

こんにちは。やまぱんです。今回は有料情報になります。 どんな人向けか 想定としては "完全IT未経験の20代~30代"...

If you would like a one-off career consultation, please contact us via MENTA, Twitter DM, or official LINE.(Japanese only)

Also available, for a fee, are notes on what was asked during the interview.

IT talk

Mainly simple IT stories.

IT stories

Qiita :I mainly write about work-related Azure-related topics on qiita.

I will write about my private use of Azure here (yamapan.tokyo).

Bengal cat story

I used to write a blog about my cat, but recently I have been stagnant in updating it.



Name: Yamapan

Location: Osaka

Age: Arasa (born in 1992)

Job : Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft. 1.
Joined Hitachi, Ltd. as a fresh graduate and worked as a SE related to virtualization infrastructure for about 4 years. 2.
Joined Microsoft Japan: Worked as a support engineer for Azure infrastructure services for about two years, and as a lead engineer, supported team members and worked as a mid-career recruiter for about one year.
After that, he changed his role to Cloud Solution Architect for Azure infrastructure and engaged in supporting Azure implementation for customers.

Daily routine: Playing with cats
Likes: IT stuff, cats, mahjong, camping, traveling, rock festivals

Official LINE@: I mainly post updates on my blog. I am also available for simple consultations. Please feel free to do so.
Please be assured that even if you register, unless you send me a message, I will only know the number of subscribers from here.


Donation Request

If you would like to support our blog, please make a donation of 300 yen (one unit). Only card payment is accepted.

If you would like to support our blog, please make a donation of 300 yen (one unit). Only card payment is accepted.


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